League of Legends Season Four Review

League of Legends

By Shane Vass
BHS News

The League of Legends season 4 has been presented. Many changes are going to be made to the jungle, support class, masteries, and the items in game. Riot, the creator of League of Legends, has changed the jungle so many times in the past 2 seasons that it is hard to keep up with them all. Riot has gotten so many complaints about the support role that finally they are going to even the playing board out. In the pre-season of season 3 they took out some of the key items that really made the game fair. The changes in the masteries will stop early game snowballing.

Riot has announced they’re going to make a few key changes to the jungle, which will give the jungler more roaming space to help lanes and counter jungle and such. The current junglers have trouble killing each camp and ganking lanes, while trying to counter jungle and remain caught up with their teammates. The minion camps usually aren’t that big of a deal, but what if the other team wants to stop the jungler? If the other team kills at least one of the camps, the jungler will be shut down and will struggle to actually do anything for the rest of the game. Riot is going to increase the gold per kill of the minions in the jungle; also they are going to increase the experience they earn per kill. This will help them keep up with their team and help win the game.

The new items are going to effect the change enormously. The map that doesn’t have champions there is not able to be seen, so people buy wards which grant vision of the area around them. The wards are going to cost less, which will help out the support class responsible for placing them. Each player will be able to place three wards at a time, so watch out for that. The support changes are going to be connected with the items purchasable in game. Support roles in season three was extremely tricky to play because of the lack of gold income. In season four the items will grant extra gold to the player who has them, which was targeted for the support champions. This will help them substantially with buying wards and helping their teammates out.

At this time the masteries have not yet been announced. Riot should be announcing the new changes to the mastery tree soon.