Flap Over An App

by Thien Nguyen
BHS News

By now, many people have heard of the extremely addictive game, Flappy Bird. The app made its huge breakthrough in January 2014, despite being created in May 24, 2013. Unfortunately, this app has been removed from the App Store and Google Play, by its publisher GEARS STUDIOS, from its creator, Dong Nguyen, on February 8, 2014. However, this one app has numerous controversies that led to this unfortunate happening, but people who still have this downloaded on their iOS or Android devices are still free to play.

The rules were short: all you needed to do was guide a bird that that continuously flies to the right, between every set of two pipes, without colliding it to the pipes or the ground. No levels, power-ups, or even enemies. If that seems easy, it really isn’t. The enemy is gravity. When the bird hits the pipe or a ground, boom! It’s “Game Over.” This tempted people to destroy their phones, throw them in walls, and even destroy their own devices, all because of an unfortunate accident. Even at one point, a teenager boy killed his older brother, for mocking him as the older brother achieved a higher score than him, 17 to 6. Ironically, these events were not the cause for the creator to remove his own game.

It was revealed through the creator’s tweets that he would voluntarily remove the game for his own purposes. However, sources revealed later that Nintendo got in touch with Apple regarding the art and the graphics used in the game. It turned out they were in direct violation of their copyrights, which resulted in the graphic change of the pipes. However, Nintendo has seen enough, causing Apple to force Mr. Nguyen to remove Flappy Bird with a 24-hour notice.

As of publication, the app is still no longer available, although CNN reports that phones with the game loaded on them are being sold on eBay.