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  • Photo Gallery: Wampstock 2016

    Pictures by Jessica Tran Class of 2016 On Thursday, January 14, Wampstock, formerly Wampapalooza, formerly Arts Night, took the stage at BHS. For two hours bands rocked for a nearly full house.

  • Wampstockapalooza 2014

    by Serena Wong BHS News Braintree High School was quite the place to be Thursday night, with the school’s semi-annual “Wampstock/Wampapalooza/Battle of the Bands”. It may have many names, but this was the only event with such a united set of musicians. “I think Wampstock is a great place for kids to showcase their talents,” […]

  • Wampapalooza Thursday Night

    by Joe Walsh BHS News Braintree High School’s wealth of musical talent will gather tomorrow night in the biannual Wampapalooza. The evening will be a mixture of band performances and acoustic acts. Acoustic performers include, John Forbes, Alex Imanicki, Jess Fruth, “Deanna & Jess,” “Morgan, James, Koko, & Logan,” “Jimmy & John,” “Rama,” Olivia, and […]