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  • Top Five: Lacrosse Helmets

    by Chad Strozewski BHS News The next installment of our continuing series, Chad Strozewski ’15 lists his top five lacrosse helmets. 5. Cascade Cs This helmet is strictly for beginners and the newer players with less experience. Not for use in more advance level of play. It cannot take as good of a beating as […]

  • Top Five: Chips

    by Joseph Freire BHS News The next installment of our continuing series, Joseph Freire ’15 lists his top five favorite chips 5. Cape Cod Mesquite BBQ Chips They’re crunchy, delicious and tangy and I like putting barbecue sauce on everything. 4.Cheetos Because of the cheesiness and when the cheese gets on your fingers it tastes […]

  • Top Five: Things To Do Over April Vacation

    by Yannis Lam BHS News The fifth in our Top Five series. Founding member Yannis Lam complies five things to fight boredom over April vacation. 5. Look for a Valuable Coin With the relatively few changes in U.S. coin designs over the past several decades, many valuable coins may be hiding right within your piggy […]

  • Top Five: Drinks for a Dollar

    by Andrew Lynch BHS News The third in a series of Top Five lists, Andrew Lynch breaks down the best drink to get for a buck. 5. Brisk Lemonades The best of the worst. They are colorful and fun, but lack the addictive flavor that’s needed to attract my attention. A little too thick and […]

  • Top Five: Candies

    by Cody L’Heureux BHS News The second in a series of Top Five lists, Cody L’Heureuz breaks down the five best candies. 5. Charleston Chew These are delicious chocolate candy bars that have been around for a long time, everyone enjoys a Charleston Chew. 4. Skittles There is a rainbow of flavor in every bag. […]

  • Top Five: Worst Student Lunches in the Cafeteria

    by Anonymous ’14 BHS News The first in a series of Top Five lists, a member of the class of 2014 breaks down the five worst school lunches at BHS. Out of respect for the hard work of the men and women in Food Services, the author asked to remain anonymous. 5. The Salad The […]