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  • Wamp TV: Technology Use

    Produced by Brendan Naughton and Nick Bythrow Wamp TV Interested in Broadcast Journalism? See Mr. Nellis or your guidance counselor for more information.

  • Cell Phones: How Young Is Too Young?

    by Maverick Lydon Shay Class of 2015 “You know when I was your age, we didn’t have all this technology.” I am sure everyone has heard this phrase at least once in their lives; it seems to be a common remark among our older generation. Every time we hear this we turn on our selective […]

  • Virtual Snow Days Would Be Better Solution

    by Yvonne Dhimitri Class of 2015 It is clear to the students and teachers of Braintree High School that it is not the most technologically advanced school around. Everyone tries to make do with what they have, but with recent weather emergencies and testing moving to a technology based format, the problem has become especially […]

  • App Attack: Google Opinion Rewards

    by Yannis Lam Class of 2016 App-Attack is a new series of articles about apps for smartphones. Each App-Attack article provides a basic overview of each app and the author’s opinion regarding the app. Afterwards, the app is rated on a 5 WAMP scale on 5 different categories and the 6th score is the average […]

  • OnePlus One Explained (With Review)

    by Yannis Lam Class of 2017 A little over two months ago I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the phantom OnePlusOne. This mysterious phone has captivated the minds of many individuals in search of a great deal. At times, many aspects of the situation have seemed to be too good to be […]

  • Tech Review: Nexus 5 Complaints

    by Yannis Lam BHS News The Nexus 5 is Google Inc.’s current flagship phone, released in November of 2013. Although the Nexus 5 exceeds the expectations for its extremely cheap price, ($350-$400, off-contract), several things must be addressed about regards to its design. The Nexus 5 comes in 6 different variations (as February 2014), with […]

  • Let’s Play

    by Alex Kephart BHS News YouTube. The biggest video sharing website in the world. It has become so big that 100 hours of video content are uploaded to the site every minute. This content ranges from scientific discussions, to lifestyle videos, to some random guy making his cat dance to dubstep. In recent years, there […]

  • App Review: Drastic DS Emulator

    by Roger He BHS News With over 1,170,000 apps on the Google Play Market, it can seem like a daunting task to decide what apps are worthy of wasting precious study block minutes on. If you liked playing games on the Nintendo DS, then Drastic DS Emulator by Exophase is the app for you. Although […]

  • Flap Over An App

    by Thien Nguyen BHS News By now, many people have heard of the extremely addictive game, Flappy Bird. The app made its huge breakthrough in January 2014, despite being created in May 24, 2013. Unfortunately, this app has been removed from the App Store and Google Play, by its publisher GEARS STUDIOS, from its creator, […]

  • Opinion: Students Should Be Allowed to Use Headphones

    by Nate Bruce BHS News Some teachers do not allow students to use headphones in class, while others allow it at certain times. The school should adopt a policy that allows students to use headphones at appropriate times in class. Personally I noticed music can help me focus on my work and block out distractions […]