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  • Task Force to Review Constructive Possession Rule

    by Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 Following heavy protests, the Braintree School Committee has created a task force in order to review and possibly revise Braintree High School’s constructive possession and social probation policies. The task force will be made up of School Committee Chairman David Ringius Jr., Braintree High School resource officer Lisa Fahey, […]

  • Braintree Students Protest Constructive Posession Policy

    by Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 A group of over thirty Braintree High School students and parents attended the School Committee meeting Monday to protest Braintree High School’s policy on constructive possession. This gathering follows a September 27th house party where eleven Braintree High School students were charged with either constructive possession or consumption of […]

  • Opinion: Life in Braintree

    by Nate Bruce BHS News One thing that I dislike about Braintree is how rude and inconsiderate people can be. It seems like everyone always has something negative to say or they just do stuff that doesn’t benefit anyone. Whether it’s making fun of someone or just trying to be funny by being rude it […]

  • Student Life: NAHS

    by Bridget Bickford BHS News On Wednesday, March 27th, the induction for the National Art Honor Society occurred at Braintree High School. National Art Honor Society is an organization where students in grades 9-12 can be invited by their art teacher to join, after having demonstrated an outstanding ability and interest in art. The NAHS […]

  • Wampapalooza Thursday Night

    by Joe Walsh BHS News Braintree High School’s wealth of musical talent will gather tomorrow night in the biannual Wampapalooza. The evening will be a mixture of band performances and acoustic acts. Acoustic performers include, John Forbes, Alex Imanicki, Jess Fruth, “Deanna & Jess,” “Morgan, James, Koko, & Logan,” “Jimmy & John,” “Rama,” Olivia, and […]

  • SAT Prep

    by Jessica Tran BHS News Spring comes with warm weather, flowers, and a fresh start. But to juniors it is the sign of SAT. SAT stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test and is one of two admission tests that are usually necessary to go to college. They test math, reading, and writing skills. Students study […]

  • Hoops for Hope Tonight

    by Alex McInnis BHS News Tonight, Monday, March 17, Hoops for Hope returns to Braintree High School. Hoops for Hope is a student-faculty basketball game that is played in order to raise money for the Kyle J. Piazza scholarship fund. Kyle Piazza was a math teacher at Braintree High School who lost his fight to […]

  • Day in the Life: Techie During Tech Week

    by Matt Stidham BHS News Tech week. Everyone involved fears it, yet simultaneously enjoys it. It’s a week full of emotion, but lacking in physical energy. After surviving my eighth and final tech week I have concluded that the best way to fully understand it is to actually experience it. And so I present a […]

  • Club Profile: Mock Trial

    by Christina Nguyen BHS News The court room is chilly. The atmosphere tense with anticipation as the judge announces the verdict. And it all boils down to this verdict, the hours of courtroom deliberation. There were passionate opening statements about this year’s case—a tragic airplane crash—and emotional testimony from the witnesses. The lawyers objected and […]

  • Opinion: PRIDE for All

    by Nora Donahue BHS News With the girls’ basketball and boys’ hockey teams having gone deep into the postseason this year, along with numerous other teams, it’s obvious Braintree High is having stellar sports seasons. Although these sports teams deserve recognition for their impressive feats, the other extracurricular activities that Braintree offers do not get […]