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  • Editorial: Should Children Be Using Social Media?

    By Brianna McDonough Class of 2016 Facebook requires that users by thirteen years old to create an account, yet this age requirement is constantly violated. As modern society becomes more technologically advanced more children use technology to stay connected. Millions of people around the world use social media every day. But should children be allowed […]

  • The Hidden Dangers of Social Media

    by Kristina Keymont and Harry Gill Class of 2015 People all over the world use social media whether it’s for business, school, or just for fun. Not a lot of people realize how dangerous it is either; they will post whatever online not knowing who is watching. Every online move you make leaves cyber footprints […]

  • Allowing Ghosts of the Past to Haunt Our Futures

    by Emily DiGiusto Class of 2015 Snapchat, a current social networking sensation, highlights just what it does best with the icon that represents it. A friendly, harmless looking ghost beckons users to trust the application with their security and privacy, while at the same time opening the doors to numerous opportunities for temptation and exploitation […]

  • The Good and Bad of Social Media

    by Olivia McCarthy Class of 2016 Social media has transformed the lives of teenagers all over the world, opening new doors for students to succeed, but also creating problems with bullying, social skills, and sleep deprivation. According to Marketing, almost 81% of students in the United States use social media sites. Social media sites […]

  • Reaction to #WhiteCulture

    by Jessica Tran Class of 2016 NOTE: None of these tweets pertain to any students at Braintree High School. All quotes and references are made of users on Twitter. On Saturday, September 27th, I got home from a visit to Boston with a friend and made my usual rounds on social media. I skimmed Instagram […]