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  • A Prom To Remember

    by Joe Walsh BHS News Prom night is a special event in the life of any adolescent. It is a chance to make memories that will serve as a nostalgic reminder youth’s blitheness for years to come. However some teens are dealing life threatening illnesses that can take away from this experience. That is why […]

  • Opinion: End of Senior Year Schedule Stressful and Unfair

    by Catherine Conley BHS News Senior Prom and Graduation. These two events are universally considered among the greatest landmarks in the life of a graduating high school senior- but could having them both over the span of three days be too much for students and their families? This year, Braintree High School scheduled Senior Prom […]

  • The Evolution of the Prom Dress

    by Emily Levine BHS News According to Time Magazine, the prom (or “promenade”) originated in the nineteenth century as a banquet held for the graduating seniors of America’s universities. As teen culture grew, prom was pushed in a younger, more formal direction and by the 1940s and 50s, prom as we know it today- corsages, […]