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  • Response: “Little Recognition For Big Feats” Is Misrepresentative

    Response: “Little Recognition For Big Feats” Is Misrepresentative

    After reading the opinion piece “Little Recognition for Big Feats,” Braintree High School Athletic Director Mr. Denise said via email, “Many team and individual accomplishments throughout the athletic department were not recognized over the morning announcements due to the incredible amount of snow we have received, resulting in nine snow days without announcements.” Mr. Denise […]

  • Why The United States Should Mend Relations With Cuba

    by Andrew Scarlata Class of 2015 In light of the recent announcement by President Barack Obama that the United States will move to normalize relations with Cuba, Andrew Scarlata tries to clear up some common misconceptions and explain the benefits for both countries. What’s Up With Modern Day Cuba? It has always been possible to […]

  • BTV: Mr. Marx

    Produced by Evan Abreu BTV A video tribute to Mr. Marx, who will be leaving BHS to pursue further education after the 2013-14 school year. Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your favorite Mr. Marx story, or wishing him good luck.

  • The Search for Flight 370 Continues

    by John Londergan BHS News On March 8, 2014, Flight 370 out of Malaysia Airlines suddenly went missing off of the communication satellite with 239 people on board. As of April 7th, the search for any clues as to where the plane could have gone mysteriously disappeared to still continues. The most recent set of […]