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  • Blast From The Past

    by Adriana McDevitt Class of 2015 Vinyl, or records, may seem like a thing of the past but they are on a slow uprise, with sales increasing by 49% in 2014. Although early versions of records existed from 1880 and on, durable vinyl records were not mass produced and patented until 1948. They took about […]

  • Live Performances Hotter Than the Toasted Sandwiches: Potbelly’s Live Music

    by Caroline Tomasetta Class of 2015 “Hey, yaaa, hey yaaaa,” sings Morgan Brown and Thomas McArdle, of the class of 2015. It’s Saturday afternoon and I am standing across the counter of Potbelly’s Sandwich Shop. A retro sandwich chain, with roots in Chicago, Potbelly’s is known for their made-to-order toasted sandwiches. Potbelly’s opened its doors […]

  • Photo Gallery: Wampstock 2014

    by Rebecca Lackie Class of 2015 Last night, twenty four acts took the stage for Wampstock, formerly Battle of the Bands and Arts Night. The event, hosted by Maverick Lydon-Shay, Jack Hennessey, and Evan Abreu, serves as a fundraiser for Theatre Guild and Stone Soup.