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  • Depp Outperforms Script in Black Mass

    by Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 There are few actors as versatile and uninhibited as Johnny Depp. Over his 30-plus year career, he has disappeared into each of his roles seamlessly. Films such as Donnie Brasco, Blow, and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? have all showcased his unique ability to transform into character and bring forth […]

  • Movie Review: Selma

    by Gloria Han Class of 2016 A lot of buzz has been created with the release of Selma, which premiered nationally on January 9. The film is currently being nominated for two Academy Awards, Best Original Song, and Best Picture. Many audiences were shocked that the film was not nominated for more awards. Selma revolves […]

  • “Unbroken” Does Not Do The Story, Or The Book, Justice

    by Jessica Tran Class of 2016 Unbroken has come with much anticipation. I read the original novel by Laura Hillenbrand as suggested by Mr. Wiggin. He described it as a true page turner, which I fully agree. Hillenbrand tells the true story of Louis Zamperini, a World War II soldier in the Air Force. The […]

  • Movie Review: Interstellar

    by Gloria Han Class of 2016 Christopher Nolan makes a return to directing after a two year hiatus from “The Dark Knight Rises”, in the feature film “Interstellar”, which premiered on October 26, 2014. And boy, was it worth the wait. “Interstellar” is a science fiction film that revolves around a widowed farmer and former […]

  • Spirits Fail to Guide “Ouija”

    by Gloria Han Class of 2016 Undoubtedly, Halloween is the best time of year to release movies of the horror genre. The holiday itself has a connotation of spooks and scares, all of which can be found in an hour and a half of screen time. If created successfully, a scary movie can thrill audiences […]

  • Movie Review: Gone Girl

    by Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 Gone Girl is the latest release from world-renowned director David Fincher, (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network) and is based on the worldwide bestselling novel by author Gillian Flynn, who also penned the screenplay. The film stars Ben Affleck, and Rosamund Pike. […]

  • Movie Review: The Maze Runner

    by Gloria Han The release of the long awaited film adaptation of The Maze Runner finally hit theaters last Friday, September 19. Fans of the series were nervous to see the result; movies don’t always quite capture the same essence as the book. Here is a short summary of the plot: The protagonist, Thomas, finds […]

  • Movie Review: Divergent

    by Serena Wong BHS News The wait for the hit-book-turned-movie “Divergent” was finally over. Having premiered on March 21, 2014, fans of the book flocked to see whether the movie lived up to their expectations of the book. For many, there were mixed reviews. Starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James, there was no denying that […]

  • Movie Review: Frozen

    By Gloria Han and Jasmine Lau BHS News Grossing over $980 million to date, Frozen is one of the biggest Disney hits to hit theaters since Toy Story 3. Released about four months ago, Frozen has the longest running streak so far for a film in 2014. It recently won the Academy Award for Best […]