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  • The Taster: Upcoming Events

    by The Taster Braintree High News As a taster for the people, by the people, I just wanted to update you on some great recent and upcoming events that you won’t want to miss out on! March 15—FREE CONE DAY!   Dairy Queen (Weymouth, Abington, Quincy)  offered free small vanilla soft serve ice cream in […]

  • The Taster: Adventurous Appetites

    by The Taster The Taster is back! After a terrific summer of venturous pilgrimages to find the best cuisine out there, this review will cover a broad spectrum of tantalizing tastes from across the South Shore that will surely suffice your hunger cravings. Top of the mornin’ to ya! Every great day starts with a […]

  • Class of 2018 Chipotle Fundraiser

    The class of 2018 is having a fundraiser today from 2-6pm at the Chipotle in the South Shore Plaza. Anyone who presents the attached flyer, shows it on their smartphone, or mentions the BHS Class of 2018 when they order will have 50% of their total donated to the Class of 2018. 2018 Chipotle

  • The Taster: C’Mon Man

    by The Taster BHS News Staff The Taster is BACK! After a delicious summer of fried lobster with melted butter, visiting the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Georgia, and filling my Big Gulp infinity times, The Taster is back for your (re)viewing pleasure. As the summer winds down and fall approaches, the culinary world blasts its consumers […]

  • Opinion: The Worst Thing About BHS

    by Andrew Lynch BHS News BHS has its many strengths and weaknesses that make my experience more or less enjoyable. The biggest downfall of BHS is the food/vending machines. The food is overpriced, unhealthy, and overall disgusting. Not only is the school food below par, but the quality has also been getting worse, and variety […]

  • The Taster: Braintree Buffalo Bonanza

    by The Taster BHS News Recently the Taster has put his nose to the grindstone and battled through fire and brimstone . . . and chicken, to come up with a terrific Braintree Buffalo Chicken review. The results are not too surprising for those who are from Braintree, but there were some surprises! #6: Double […]

  • The Demise of Ice Cream: Two Years Later

    by Mark Dunphy BHS News April 30th marks the two year anniversary of the last time a Braintree High student ate a scoop of ice cream. Thanks to the Food Services Department’s heroic decision to stop serving ice cream during lunch, no student has tasted the evil concoction of ice and cream for twelve glorious […]

  • The Taster: Braintree Burrito Battle

    by The Taster BHS News Burrito’s are the cornucopia of Mexican cuisine. With the popularity of Tex-Mex cuisine blooming in America, companies like Chipotle, Moe’s, and Qdoba are cashing in on the popularity and imposing a shadow on the local Mexican joint. In terms of Braintree, the big three are Chipotle, Qdoba, and local favorite […]

  • Top Five: Chips

    by Joseph Freire BHS News The next installment of our continuing series, Joseph Freire ’15 lists his top five favorite chips 5. Cape Cod Mesquite BBQ Chips They’re crunchy, delicious and tangy and I like putting barbecue sauce on everything. 4.Cheetos Because of the cheesiness and when the cheese gets on your fingers it tastes […]

  • Top Five: Drinks for a Dollar

    by Andrew Lynch BHS News The third in a series of Top Five lists, Andrew Lynch breaks down the best drink to get for a buck. 5. Brisk Lemonades The best of the worst. They are colorful and fun, but lack the addictive flavor that’s needed to attract my attention. A little too thick and […]