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  • Wamp TV: Dodgeball

    Produced by Matt Corrigan and Steven Do Wamp TV Interested in getting involved? See Mr. Nellis or ask your guidance counselor about taking Broadcast Journalism.

  • Dodgeball 2016

    Dodgeball 2016

    Story by Brian McDermott Photography by Meg White Class of 2016 Tuesday’s Ninth Annual Dodgeball tournament was won by Blitzkrieg, a team completely composed of underclassmen. Playing in red shirts with their nicknames written on the back, the team emerged victorious after nearly three hours of play. Thirty three teams participated in the tournament. “We’re […]

  • Dodgeball 2016 Photo Album

    Photography by Jessica Tran Class of 2016 Thirty three teams competed in yesterday’s Ninth Annual Dodgeball Tournament. Team Blitzkrieg defeated Alternatives in the finals. A full story about the tournament will be available later.  

  • 2015 Dodgeball Registration Begins This Week

    by Ryan Picciuto Class of 2016 On March 11th students will be able to pelt their peers and teachers with dodgeballs either out of competition, or out of payback, during the Eighth Annual Dodgeball Tournament – an event that always brings the school together. The tournament serves as a fundraiser for the alternative programs, which […]

  • Past Our Prime? Not According to the Dodgeball Tournament

    by Mr. Steve Trocki 2014 BHS Dodgeball Champion The 2:05 bell rang. The anxiety of what the next few hours would bring caused a slight sweat above my brow. I met my fellow teammates downstairs and put on the uniform adorned with the exuberant face of Deion Sanders. My teammates – my brothers – were […]