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  • Editorial: Pick Your Poison

    by John Barry Class of 2016 As 2016 begins, the coming year holds many changes to each individual along with the U.S. nation as a whole. One of these changes is that it is now time to elect a new President to replace Obama. Obama was one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had? No, […]

  • Editorial: The Good of Guns

    by Austin Yeung Class of 2016 With many different cases of mass shootings and murders over the last century, many people have begun to question the rights to own and conceal legal firearms.  The government should not create and enforce stricter gun control laws because guns can prevent crime, people would be unfairly punished and […]

  • Senior Calendar – 2016

    Here is a calendar of events for the rest of senior year. Did we forget something? Email Mr. Dahlbeck at and we will update it. Click on the plus sign on the bottom right corner of the calendar to add it to the calendar on your phone.

  • The $60,000 American Dream

    In advance of Super Tuesday, we hope to post a series of articles about political topics that are relevant to BHS students. First up is Amanda Mei on the price of a college education. by Amanda Mei Class of 2016   While applying to universities this academic year as a senior, you have probably noticed […]

  • Breaking: School Committee Approves New Senior Privilege

    School committee voted to grant a request presented by Sarah Murphy (’16) to create a new senior privilege allowing seniors who have met certain criteria to leave at 1:15 if they have a study last period. To be eligible students must maintain a 75 average in all classes that meet daily, remain off of social […]

  • 2014 Ski Trip A Success

    by Laurel O’Keefe BHS News More than 100 students piled onto two coach buses last Friday in pursuit of a snow filled weekend. Chaperoned by a handful of teachers, Braintree High School students packed up their ski gear and strapped in for a three hour bus ride to Attitash Mountain Resort. The bus ride was […]

  • Dancing With the Staff 2014

    by Brian McDermott and Jessica Tran BHS News Sixteen teachers joined the Dance Team on stage for the second annual Dancing With the Staff and the performances did not disappoint. Mr. Okolowitcz began the show with a bang with a standing back flip. The next group, including Ms. Culbertson, Ms. Tomassian and Ms. Wallenstein, came […]