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  • Blast From The Past

    by Adriana McDevitt Class of 2015 Vinyl, or records, may seem like a thing of the past but they are on a slow uprise, with sales increasing by 49% in 2014. Although early versions of records existed from 1880 and on, durable vinyl records were not mass produced and patented until 1948. They took about […]

  • 8:31

    by Olivia Gizelis Class of 2015 I knew that by using my senior privileges I could go to school late, but I had to be there at 8:30, or it would not be an excused tardy. I knew that there were no exceptions, yet I got out of my car and started running towards the […]

  • Class of 2015 End of the Year Schedule

    Senior Week May 19 – 27 Ribbons to support the American Cancer Society will be available during lunches during Senior Week for a dollar. Prom tickets will be on sale Monday, May 18 – Friday May 22 during A and C lunches. You must have a signed prom contract when buying the ticket. Tuesday, May […]

  • Why I Am Not At All Ready to Graduate

    by Kerrin Norton Class of 2015 “I know it’s a lot guys, but everything we do right now is preparing you for college.” How many times a day do I hear this at school? Too many to count, usually. Since the first day of freshman year, we have been “preparing for the next year”, “preparing […]

  • Senior “Privileges”

    by Ashley MacDonald Class of 2015 Every Braintree High School student looks forward to many keystone events throughout their experience as students here; for example, pep rally, ski trips, and Friday night football games are all part of tradition. But there is one tradition at this school that students wait anxiously until their very last […]

  • BHS Seniors Would Benefit from Internships

    by Jess Fruth Class of 2015 The job market in the United States has progressively become more difficult to enter for graduating college students, limited jobs are not the entirety of the problem. Lack of experience in the work place can have detrimental effects on someone’s application and qualification for their real-world jobs. Despite what […]

  • 2014 Ski Trip A Success

    by Laurel O’Keefe BHS News More than 100 students piled onto two coach buses last Friday in pursuit of a snow filled weekend. Chaperoned by a handful of teachers, Braintree High School students packed up their ski gear and strapped in for a three hour bus ride to Attitash Mountain Resort. The bus ride was […]

  • Dancing With the Staff 2014

    by Brian McDermott and Jessica Tran BHS News Sixteen teachers joined the Dance Team on stage for the second annual Dancing With the Staff and the performances did not disappoint. Mr. Okolowitcz began the show with a bang with a standing back flip. The next group, including Ms. Culbertson, Ms. Tomassian and Ms. Wallenstein, came […]