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  • Volume Two, Issue One Available Now

    The first print edition of Braintree High News 2015-2016 is now available at Braintree High School in all of the house offices, guidance, the media center, and the BHS News box outside of House One. If you cannot make it to BHS and would like a copy, contact me at

  • Second Print Edition Released

    The second print edition of BHS News was released on Monday. It is available outside of House One, in the Media Center, or in the house offices. This issue includes articles on the proposed schedule change, a club profile on SADD, a news story about how BHS students used First Aid to save a life, […]

  • A New Chapter for the BHS Community

    by Brian McDermott and Joseph Walsh Class of 2016 As President James Madison once said: “the advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guard of true liberty.” This universal concept has, over time, engrained itself into the collective consciousness of Americans, and it has become an ideal which every successful community strives to maintain. […]

  • Braintree High News Reaches 10,000 Page Views

    by Mr. Dahlbeck BHS News With the recent run of sports success, our association with the Braintree Patch, and AP students posting stories and then Tweeting and Facebooking about them, topped 10,000 page views this morning. The site was started in November 2013 and has been steadily gaining in popularity. Our most viewed story […]

  • Thank You Joe Markman

    by Mr. Dahlbeck BHS News Advisor On January 29 I received an email from Joe Markman, informing me that it was his last day working for The Braintree Patch. I would be remiss if I did not take time on this space to thank Joe for what he did to help grow. Joe was […]