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  • From Me To You: Advice For Freshmen From A Senior

    by Andrew J. Scarlata Class of 2015 A lot will happen during your four years in high school. You’ll gain friends, and lose some. You’ll find yourself, and make mistakes while doing it. From an experienced senior, here is some advice to help guide you through the next four years. Respect the Administration The better […]

  • Opinion: Price of College Isn’t Worth It

    by Thinh Vuu BHS News The national debt, immigration, gun control, government spending, and war are all hot button issues that have both support and opposition. But when it comes to education, everyone has to be a supporter. It is political suicide if you are not pro-education and pro-spending for education. It is amplified to […]

  • Opinion: If You Are Going to Drive Distracted, Don’t Drive At All

    by Kristen Boudreau BHS News Distracted driving, it is something that every driver has seen before. The woman putting on her make-up at the red light unaware that it has turned green. The man shaving because he realized he was late for work. The person eating a breakfast sandwich behind the wheel oblivious to their […]

  • Opinion: End of Senior Year Schedule Stressful and Unfair

    by Catherine Conley BHS News Senior Prom and Graduation. These two events are universally considered among the greatest landmarks in the life of a graduating high school senior- but could having them both over the span of three days be too much for students and their families? This year, Braintree High School scheduled Senior Prom […]

  • Opinion: The Pros and Cons of Protein Shakes

    by Jonathan Karales BHS News The information contained in this article is the opinion, based on researched, of a BHS student. Please consult your doctor before using any supplements. Most people see bodybuilders in the gym with their muscles bloated so they can barely move. Some people want to be like that and they find […]

  • Advice Column: Midyear Exams

    by Thien Nguyen BHS News By now, a lot of you may have heard that Mid-Year Exams are coming up next week from January 22, 2014 – January 24, 2014. Mid-Year Exams are not something that students should let “pass by,” because they are worth 10% of your overall grade. For all students, and especially […]

  • Coming Soon: BHS News Advice Column

    by Thien Nguyen BHS News Sometimes life can get overwhelming and you don’t know where to turn to for help. Luckily, BHS News is here to help. Ask any question that may concern you, and I will answer to the best of my ability to give you the most effective advice that I can offer. […]