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  • Why Finland Has Better Schools

    by Emilija Balandyte Class of 2016 Finland’s schools were not always as world renowned as they are today. In the 1970s, after 108 years under Russian rule and the wars that followed their liberation in 1917, Finland’s education system and economy were failing with large dropout rates and an unemployment rate of 20%. To combat […]

  • Education and the Arts

    by Errica Moran Class of 2016 Stimulated brain activity, better recall and communication skills. Math class? No, art and music class. Society values the skills that are found in the common core classes as they prepare for more employable fields, such as engineering or teaching. Thus, to increase potential, schools believe they need to increase […]

  • The Importance of Elementary School Lunch

    by Lin Yuan Class of 2016 Nowadays students from elementary school up through high school usually eat one of their meals at school along with other snacks provided in the school cafeteria. Though upper level students also lack access to nutritious school lunches, elementary students are at an age where proper nutrition is essential for […]

  • Say No to GMOs

    by Bella Mansfield Class of 2016 In the midst of the world’s third agricultural revolution, the possibility of ending world hunger is looking up—with some costly side effects. Today’s commercial agriculture system use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has skyrocketed since they were first introduced into the field in 1996. Their beginning was seemingly a […]

  • Who Are The Real Animals?

    by Colleen Ahern Class of 2016 Imagine a life locked in a cage, only taken out to be burned, poisoned, starved, or blinded; injected with chemicals; even tied down and cut open, all while completely conscious. This is the life of test animals. Although advocates for animal testing claim that it is necessary to save […]

  • Why Go Back?

    by Liam McGrath Class of 2016 When veterans return home from their deployment, it is a joyous occasion for both them and their family and loved ones. But what happens after this is curious, after returning home from combat many veterans reenlist. Whether that be out of inability to cope with civilian life or sense […]

  • Irish As a Dying Language

    by Siobhán Donovan Class of 2016 Irish, as the Irish call it, or Gaelic, as Americans call it, was once widely spoken across Ireland, but today it is only spoken, daily, in remote areas on Ireland’s west coast. These Irish-speaking areas are called Gaeltacht and the people living in these areas who speak Irish in […]

  • Struggles for NFL Kickers Last Season

    by Tommy Redington Class of 2016 In the past decades of football, the extra point has been the most converted play in the game, allowing for an extra point to be added to the six point score virtually every time an offense scored a touchdown. Two football seasons ago before the alteration of this play, […]

  • Editorial: Derailing the Trump Train

    by Jessie Tenaglia Class of 2016 The basis of Donald Trump’s campaign poses a great threat to our democracy. His entire campaign has set the stage for Americans to support things that are undemocratic in nature as he makes baseless racist, misogynistic, and bigoted comments pertaining to current issues. He has belittled women as he […]

  • Editorial: More Than A Number

    by Zoe Tai Class of 2016 Standardized tests are arduous assessments that many high school students undertake in their college application journey. They have been told that these are the tests that will determine their futures, their dreams, their entire lives… however, this is not entirely true. While standardized tests give a baseline report on […]