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  • 2015 Dodgeball Registration Begins This Week

    by Ryan Picciuto Class of 2016 On March 11th students will be able to pelt their peers and teachers with dodgeballs either out of competition, or out of payback, during the Eighth Annual Dodgeball Tournament – an event that always brings the school together. The tournament serves as a fundraiser for the alternative programs, which […]

  • Students Try to Qualify for College Courses

    by Elizabeth Jarrins, Emma Marino (2016) and Anthony C. Green Class of 2015 Students from the Alternatives Program took the Accuplacer test at Massasoit Community College last week to see whether or not they are eligible for the Dual Enrollment Program to achieve college credits while still in high school. “The Accuplacer test is one […]

  • Students Learn Business Is About More Than Just Burgers and Fries

    by Harry Gill and Kristina Keymont Class of 2015   Students from the Alternatives Program went to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Braintree on November 6 to talk to franchise owner Sean E. Olson as part of a unit on franchises for Mr. Coyne’s business class . Olson, who owns and operates eight […]