Artists? Or Something More?

by Olivia Mansfield
BHS News

How would you define an artist?

Someone who is creative and imaginative?

Someone who can pick up a pencil and draw the contours of the human body with amazing precision?

How about a crazed man who cuts off his own ear?

Or someone obsessed with ballerinas?

A sculpture? A digital designer? A painter?

A person with a really expensive camera who likes to take pictures of clouds?

Let me define one for you. An artist is simply and irrevocably a role-model.

Braintree High Schoolʼs National Art Honor Society members are filled with leadership and guidance. Each member is carefully selected by their art teacher and invited into this society. Their mission? Spread creativity and innovation throughout their town and school.

These inspiring artists have responsibilities that encourage resourcefulness and originality every day. Whether itʼs designing a mural for the school or holding the annual Gingerbread Contest, National Art Honor Society (NAHS) students are always excited to do the job. Each member is more than willing to help with community service because they know their contributions are needed and valued.

Creative Art Classes for middle school students is one of the activities that the NAHS developed in order to give back to their community. Students from both East and South Middle School are encouraged to sign up for this after school activity. Every week, NAHS members host the classes in the hope that they can teach the middle schoolers different types of art they have yet to be exposed to. Also, they hope to encourage the young students to continue their art education by introducing them to unique opportunities that Braintreeʼs art system offers.

The NAHS members become masters of a passion that they were encouraged to love. Each art class offered at the High School is represented at the Creative Art Classes because the National Art Honor Society believes every type of art is important in the growth of an artist and in an individual. The judgment-free zone motivates the middle schoolers to believe in their abilities and pushes them to improve at the same time. The artists of the NAHS become their significant teachers, mentors, and friends. Every student is honored during the closing ceremony and in the end of the year art show. National Art Honor Society has become a beacon for success and encouragement throughout the years, and it will continue to do so.

Artists are the heros that save the community from the dreariness of life. They are definitely more than meets the eye.

Olivia Mansfield is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition