Special Olympics Winter Classic Brings Skaters Together

by Meg Stimpson
Braintree Girls’ Hockey

On February 14, 2016 the Braintree girls’ ice hockey team had the privilege to skate with members of the Braintree Special Olympics team at the third annual Special Olympics Winter Classic.

Winter Classic 2016

Winter Classic 2016 Participants

Friends gathered from the hockey team and had an hour filled with smiling faces and happy conversations. A few life lessons were taught when skating with the kids. Making kids who face challenges each day, and their families, smile for an hour was amazing. The Special Olympics athletes were taught how to skate or simply were pushed in a crate around the ice. Seeing the kids smile made my day. It is important to point out that I was enjoying the moment and I know every other kid was too.

It’s not about skating and being the fastest or winning the race, it rather was about enjoying the moment and making kids smile. It was such a privilege to work with the kids and I hope many events like this can happen again.

Meg Stimpson is a member of the Braintree High School girls’ hockey team.