Wamps Sink Hingham For First Win of Season

by Tahj Augustin
Class of 2016

After a loss to Quincy Presidents, the Wamps sunk the Hingham Harbormen for their first win of the season, 15-9, on Friday night in Hingham.

Captain Justin Dutcher stood out at Friday’s game with a touchdown and a game saving defense of a ball thrown his way.

“He’s just a good all around player,” said quarterback Mitch Nevins.

“I just took the ball and ran,” said Junior running back DJ Starks on the first touchdown of the season for him.

The Wamps defense, led by senior safety Tyler Devane, held the Higham Harbormen to one touchdown.

The Wamps will strive for greatness to complete a winning season
everyone was excited for this win.