Wamp Nation Silenced in Boys’ Hockey Final

by Kate Murphy
BHS News

In the thrilling finale to their impressive postseason, the boy’s hockey team fell to the Reading Rockets 4-1. After beginning their postseason as the 7th seed in the Super 8 Tournament, the boys lost their spot in a questionable game against Catholic Memorial. The game included an early no-goal call on a Braintree goal scored by #8, Brian Gallagher. Replay later showed the puck clearly going into the net and bouncing back out but nonetheless the Wamps fell to CM 2-1 and were eliminated from the Super 8.

The boys then went on a tear through the Division 1 South Sectional bracket beating Falmouth, Framingham, and Barnstable to become the D1 South Champions. With the games being played at Gallo Arena in Buzzard’s Bay, the boys routed the Clippers 4-1, the Flyers 2-0, and the Raiders 5-4 with strong Wamp Nation turnouts at each. The Wamps were on a mission to redeem themselves and make their way back to the TD Garden for the state championship game and so they did.

In the end, though, the boys’ roll was ended and Wamp Nation was left searching for words. Early on in the game the cheering was up to its usual par with the standard “let’s go Braintree” from Wamp Nation and “let’s go Rockets” from the Reading fan section; however, with the Rockets’ first and second tallies up on jumbotron at the end of the first period, Wamp Nation was left floundering for cheers.

Braintree’s Nick Ward scored the only goal at 10:14 of the second to bring the Wamps within one, but with another Reading strike just a little over two minutes later, the Wamps and Wamp Nation were done for the day. The Reading crowd took over cheering duties and flouted any attempt of a Wamp Nation recovery with the repeated chant of “scoreboard, scoreboard”. They even did their own rendition of the “Wamp Rollercoaster” eliciting a roar of disapproval from the Braintree fans as their conductor, Billy Cavanaugh, was on the ice with his team and they were left leaderless. The Braintree boys then fought back and outshot the Raiders in the third period to no avail and with 21.4 seconds left, Reading put in the empty netter to seal the deal.

The ice littered with thrown gloves and sticks, the following ceremony was an emotional one for both teams as Reading received the D1 Champions trophy and Braintree received the finalist trophy.

While Reading was a group of smiles and laughter, Braintree was an equally emotional yet somber group as many of the seniors stood and wore their jerseys for the last time. Wamp Nation started a final chant of “thank you seniors” and with that, the Braintree boy’s hockey season was over. Thank you boys for contributing to an amazing winter season, and thank you seniors for being such a powerful force on the team!

Kate Murphy is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition