Hoops for Hope Tonight

by Alex McInnis
BHS News

Tonight, Monday, March 17, Hoops for Hope returns to Braintree High School. Hoops for Hope is a student-faculty basketball game that is played in order to raise money for the Kyle J. Piazza scholarship fund. Kyle Piazza was a math teacher at Braintree High School who lost his fight to cancer a few years ago.

Ms. Forger a colleague of Kyle Piazza described him as, “always having a smile on his face even on his worst day” and as being a very good friend. Piazza was fond of Braintree High School and attended a majority of student sporting events; Piazza would have been honored to be remembered through the Hoops for Hope Basketball game and would have fought to the end to see the faculty win, according to Forger. It is true what they say, “Once a Wamp always a Wamp”.

However, it seems the faculty will have difficulty winning this year. They are going up against some tough competitors, “Bridget Herlihy and Ashley Russell are two players I definitely don’t want to go up against” Mr. Robert “Kip” Kippenhan, a faculty player for the game and a good friend of Piazza, remarked. Herlihy and Russell are two impeccable players that belong to the Varsity Girls’ Basketball team as the high school, a team who won the state championship on Saturday. The faculty will have their hands full with the height and skill that both the girls and boys team has.

Hoops for Hope was taken out of the spring schedule last year due to some misbehavior by the student body, but it is welcomed this year with open arms. Mrs. Maura Ranieri, a participant in the game and another good friend of Piazza’s, said she is, “really glad to see it brought back and that it is such a fun event”.

The fundraiser has always been a big success and Forger, the creator of Hoops for Hope, hopes that it is an even bigger success this year. The format of the game has been altered so that not only will the Boys’ team play the Men’s Faculty team and the Girls’ team play the Woman’s Faculty, but a fifth “quarter” has been added so that the men will compete against the girls and boys will take on the women. The game starts at 7 o’clock in the gym and admission is five dollars, but will be reduced to only three dollars if you wear an “I Hate Cancer” t-shirt. There will also be pizza and beverages sold. So join Braintree High School in honoring and remembering Kyle Piazza Monday the 17th. Hope to see you there.

Alex McInnis is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition