Day in the Life: Techie During Tech Week

by Matt Stidham
BHS News

Tech week. Everyone involved fears it, yet simultaneously enjoys it. It’s a week full of emotion, but lacking in physical energy. After surviving my eighth and final tech week I have concluded that the best way to fully understand it is to actually experience it. And so I present a day in the life of a techie during tech week:

6:30am: Wake up. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the day. Say goodbye to your bed because who knows when you’ll see it again.

7:00am: Make long journey to school. Try to catch some extra sleep on the ride, unless of course you’re driving.

7:20am: Arrive at school. Go to locker. Get ready for the first class of the day. Join group of friends near benches on the third floor. Complain about school, tech week, how you’re tired and you don’t want do this, etc.

7:33am: Wait for Mr. Riordan to come by and say “Go to homeroom, 2 minutes left.” Go to homeroom.

Sit in homeroom. Try listening to announcements for rehearsal schedules over the chitter-chatter from your peers.

7:43am: Go to first four classes and try to pay attention while running on the very small amount of sleep you got the previous night. Lose focus as you ponder what went wrong at yesterday’s rehearsal (because there’s always something). Think about solutions. Remember that you’re in class and probably missed something important. Whoops!

11:08am: Go to lunch. Socialize. Eat. Talk yum yum talk drink talk talk yum drink.

11:30am: Go to last three classes. Divide attention between class, later plans, and how close the clock is to showing 2:05.

Yay! You made it through another full school day. Go talk with friends some more. “What time is call tonight?” “Are you even going home?”

Go home. Relax while you can. Snack on whatever you find in the house. Take a small nap for your sanity’s sake. Get started on homework no matter how unenthusiastic you are about it. Eat some more.

5:45pm: Go to tech rehearsal with preferred soda or energy drink in hand. You’ll need it.

6:00pm: Begin preparation for the last dress rehearsal before opening night. Fix light cues, touch up paint on sets, perfect timing of set moving.

7:00pm: Start dress rehearsal. Stress out because everything seems to be going wrong as it tends to do in rehearsals. Reassure yourself that it will all magically come together for opening night.

“Wow, that was long.” Finish dress rehearsal. Prepare set for first show for opening night. Find out what time call will be. Go home.

Get home. Find backpack. Find food. Find a drink. Sit down. Eat, drink, jam, and continue working on homework.

Take a much needed mental break. Decompress. Close eyes but only for a few precious moments.

Go back to doing homework. Prioritize assignments based on class and nature of assignment. Figure out which ones to put off another day or leave for study the next day.

2:00am: Finally “finish” homework after hours of distractions and exhaustion.

Go to bed. Recharge for the next day.