Top Five: Worst Student Lunches in the Cafeteria

by Anonymous ’14
BHS News

The first in a series of Top Five lists, a member of the class of 2014 breaks down the five worst school lunches at BHS. Out of respect for the hard work of the men and women in Food Services, the author asked to remain anonymous.

5. The Salad
The “healthy option” leads things off. The lettuce is soggy and wet, not crisp. As nasty as it can be, at least you get something at A and B lunch. There is nothing good left when you have C lunch. The peppers and celery taste salty for some reason.

4. The Hot Dog
It is flexible, which it should not be. It is a pale nude color, which it also should not be. They’re boiled which already makes them gross.

3. The “Riboque”
What is this anyways? When you bite into it, its texture is uncomfortably squishy. You can taste the fakeness of the meat. The bbq sauce has no taste or sweetness to it to hide that.

2. The Burger
It is hard. It is a weird brown color that most hamburgers aren’t colored and if you cut the hamburger in half it’s a very light whitish color. Hockey pucks would make for better lunches.

1. The Crispy Chicken Wrap
They say the chicken’s supposed to be crispy but it is far from it. The lettuce and tomatoes are oddly soggy and damp. The wraps are sometimes a strange green color and it makes me question why.

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