Top Five: Drinks for a Dollar

by Andrew Lynch
BHS News

The third in a series of Top Five lists, Andrew Lynch breaks down the best drink to get for a buck.

5. Brisk Lemonades
The best of the worst. They are colorful and fun, but lack the addictive flavor that’s needed to attract my attention. A little too thick and a little to sweet, one less gram of sugar and it would be perfect.

4. 12oz Soda
Coke Can
The original soda. Its always recognizable can is a huge indicator of how delicious and popular it is. After being sold for a hundred years and being one of the largest corporations in America and the world, that distracts us from its addictive flavor and ability to make kids and adults obese.

3. Shaq Soda
Shaq Soda
Not as good as the cherry lime Rickey’s, yet still light and crisp. The flavors are mouthwatering, yet the “cream soda” part of it holds it back from being number two. Another great one for a hot summer day or a day that you want a chance to be a winner of the gold can.

2. Cherry Lime Rickey
Cherry Lime
Simply delicious, crisp, and refreshing. The joy-inducing soda is perfect for a hot summer day. Its colorful design catches your eye and makes you wonder if the great design matches the great taste.

1. Arizona Cans
They are just the best it doesn’t get better than an ice cold Arnold Palmer. The only thing to make it any better is the large selection, if you don’t want a half and half there’s is every other fruit flavor you can imagine.

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