Opinion: Wait. We Won?

by Khoa Le
BHS News

Let’s face it, most students believe Braintree high sports are just a joke. They must be if the football team consistently loses eight of the eleven games each season. But, big surprise, there are twenty one other sports in the school. Boys’ gymnastics has won eleven state titles in the past fifteen years. The cheer team held the 2013 Invitational competition and finished third. And several members of the track team competed in the winter track state competition just two weeks ago. The difference between these sports and football, most people have no idea what they do.

Once a member of the dance team asked me if I thought anybody noticed that she had messed up in the kick-line during halftime. To that I stupidly replied, “There’s a way to mess up?” The point being that the majority of student are unfamiliar with the intricacies of any sport outside of the big three seasonal sports; football, basketball, and baseball. You can’t keep track of a sport if you have no idea what’s going on.

How do you wrestle? Only fifty-five kids in the school could give a response more elaborate than “just pin the other guy.”

Who would score the highest at a gymnastics meet? “The girl who sticks the landing.”

Most people don’t even consider dance and cheer sports.

Our school takes very little pride in sports. Most people probably would not be able to name the twenty two different sports the school offers. It’s such a shame that so much of the joy and excitement that these sports bring are confined to their individual niches. Nobody outside of the gymnastics team cares about gymnastics. Nobody outside of the dance team cares about dance. Yet the entire school complains about how bad the football team is. If students just bothered to learn about other sports then they would be able to see the success. Braintree is Division I for a reason. Some much talent goes unadmired because a student decides not the follow the norm. Once they choose a sport that’s not well known, people simply lose interest.

Our motto is PRIDE, but when we ignore the hard work of the lesser known sports; those three letters in the middle get ignored as well. We have no respect for the diverse involvement of our peers. If Braintree High sports were a joke, then why is our gym covered in banners? And why do we have a room by the janitors office full of trophies with no place to go? So yes, we have won.