Opinion: The Worst Thing About BHS

by Andrew Lynch
BHS News

BHS has its many strengths and weaknesses that make my experience more or less enjoyable. The biggest downfall of BHS is the food/vending machines. The food is overpriced, unhealthy, and overall disgusting. Not only is the school food below par, but the quality has also been getting worse, and variety shrink has been shrinking.

When I was a freshman in the 2011-2012 school year, the food at lunch had at least two times as much food as there is now. There was a lot more variety as well, including things such as soft serve ice cream, pretzels, and more chips. However, all of that has changed.

The changes have been caused by Michelle Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. This called for more vegetables, less salt and less choices. The idea behind it is great in theory, yet the only thing that has helped from this is that I find myself eating more carrots and ranch now. The first lady has severely destroyed the best part of my day. My favorite half hour of the school day is lunch, being able to sit back and eat something that fills me up and doesn’t make me feel terrible at 2:05.

The food is not the only thing that has gotten worse, so have all the drinks. From Sobe Life Waters and sodas to just water, water and water. Nothing but water. I understand that they are trying to make people more physically fit and that’s all well and good, but why would you have a vending machine with thirty two choices and they are all water?

If they want people to be more healthy without forcing them to be, than they should make it more affordable to eat right. If they made the unhealthy food a little bit more expensive than the healthy food than people would be more likely to eat healthy.

The free fruit and/or vegetable is another good idea in theory but then the worst idea of all of these by thinking of how much money is spent on this when most everyone I know throws them away. That’s not making anyone more healthy, that’s taking one less food item that kids will actually eat to make them not hungry and replacing it with a complete waste of money. The only thing I have against this plan of the first lady is that it doesn’t give you the options. It forces people to eat right, and this has caused me to go hungry many days because all I got was a spicy and carrots. If you don’t like carrots or celery well to bad you have to take one anyway.

All I ask for is enough food to fill me and not keep me glued to the toilet for an hour. They’re not past the point of no return , they can still save my favorite part of the day. Just more snack choices and bring back soft served iced cream and you’ll shut me up.

Andrew Lynch is a junior at BHS