Opinion: The Pros and Cons of Protein Shakes

by Jonathan Karales
BHS News

The information contained in this article is the opinion, based on researched, of a BHS student. Please consult your doctor before using any supplements.
Most people see bodybuilders in the gym with their muscles bloated so they can barely move. Some people want to be like that and they find out most bodybuilders use protein shakes. Most people think they can just pump all of that protein in their bodies without knowing heavy workouts or even without knowing how to use the protein shakes. Those people get the bad side effects and don’t see good results after a certain period of time in the gym. It would be smart if you found out about what you’re putting into your body and how to use it before you just start taking them.

With the BCAA’s (Branch Chained Amino Acids), Glutamines, and vitamins there are not usually side effects. They usually aren’t for bodybuilding unless they’re taking them while they’re taking the protein shakes.

Using protein supplements, however, may have some mildly serious side effects, such as thirst, bloating, cramps, decrease in appetite, fatigue, headache, and nausea. You can easily avoid that by not taking them and just taking BCAA, Glutamine, fish oil, and vitamin pills. They restore your muscles quicker so you can get back in the gym the next day without muscle aches.

Many people think that protein supplements aren’t that good for you. The only reason why you should be putting at that protein in your body is if you’re trying to get big quick in the gym. However you need to make sure to use the protein shakes/supplements the right way or you will get those side effects. If you’re not bodybuilding but you’re working out to be fit and cut then I’d suggest you not use protein shakes because if you’re trying to cut up the last thing you’ll need is the extra mass. But if you do use protein shakes make sure to work out more than once a day and still eat three square healthy meals. Protein shakes help you bulk up and gain muscle all over your body is what the main use is for.

If you stop working out for a month period and you were taking protein shakes while you were working out all of that muscle will turn straight to fat. So be careful on how you use them so use them correctly. They should have directions on the back of the container on how to start out using them and once your body gets use to them.