Opinion: Students Should Be Allowed to Use Headphones

by Nate Bruce
BHS News

Some teachers do not allow students to use headphones in class, while others allow it at certain times. The school should adopt a policy that allows students to use headphones at appropriate times in class.

Personally I noticed music can help me focus on my work and block out distractions going on in the class. I think its okay during independent work such as tests, quizzes or when a teacher gives you a paper to do.

During class while the teacher is talking ear buds should be taken out. If this was alright I think teachers should be able to say if they want them allowed in their class and have some sign saying it is not allowed. I know many students find this helpful while working and it allows them to focus. We all have those kids in our class that create some sort of distraction and I think it would be helpful to allow music in classes.

I feel like some kids would take advantage of this and keep headphones in while a teacher is talking or try to cheat on something. A rule could be if you get in trouble with them once you can’t listen to music for a week from that day.

Overall I think allowing music could be a benefit to students but there needs to be heavy repercussions if rules are broken.