Opinion: Should There Be A Ms. BHS?

by Laurel O’Keefe
BHS News

Last Thursday, the annual Mr. BHS pageant was held in the Graboksy Auditorium at Braintree High School. At roughly 7pm, ten boys nominated from the senior class took to the stage in order to persuade the audience and the judges that they were honorable enough to receive the crown and title of Mr. BHS.

With the characteristics of a traditional pageant Mr. BHS starts with a round of formal attire where contestants dressed in tuxes and chose a family member or friend to escort them as the pageant began. These escorts wrote a short speech about the contestant that was meant to embarrass the contestants and convince the judges that they are worthy of winning the pageant at the same time. The next round was “casual wear” or “outfit of choice” where each contestant chose clothing of all variety and wrote a speech that was read aloud as they walked the runway. This year’s highlights included Billy Cavanaugh in nothing but a recycling bin, Nick Anson in a red silk kimono, and Richie Hull dressed in Captain America onesie footed pajamas.

The next round was “talent” based. This consisted of Billy Cavanaugh dressed as both Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus and James Mahoney dancing to Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” for their talent routines, to name a few. This considered, it is safe to say that the pageant is not taken as a serious beauty competition but rather as an entertaining night. The pageant never fails to be a night full of laughter.

We now have our Mr. BHS, but is there a place for a Ms. BHS? Students and faculty alike have discussed the idea of a Ms. BHS pageant and reactions have been mixed. Some would argue that a Ms. BHS pageant would become too much like a traditional beauty contest, unlike during Mr. BHS where most contestants take a comical approach to please the crowd. One point made, is if a Ms. BHS pageant were to take place, the female contestants would certainly not be able to take the same comical approach that most Mr. BHS contestants take. Obviously girls wearing dresses will not have the same effect. Certainly girls could dress as boys, but would it still be funny? Ms. BHS contestants would have to find new ways to capture the audience.

While the school should not condone beauty pageants and the negative effects it can have on young girls, we must remember that Mr. BHS is a night of comedy and friendly competition amongst peers. So when wondering if we should have a Ms. BHS, the real question is, are senior girls willing to do the same thing? And what would routines consist of to maintain the same comical aspect of Mr. BHS?

Laurel O’Keefe is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition