Opinion: PRIDE for All

by Nora Donahue
BHS News

With the girls’ basketball and boys’ hockey teams having gone deep into the postseason this year, along with numerous other teams, it’s obvious Braintree High is having stellar sports seasons. Although these sports teams deserve recognition for their impressive feats, the other extracurricular activities that Braintree offers do not get nearly as much credit.

The morning announcements serve as a way for administration to communicate with the student body regarding the events that happen in the school. While the sports teams often get highlights of their sporting events relayed in the announcements, other school events only merit the announcement upcoming meetings without describing what the group does, if they even get an announcement. In the Braintree Forum, there is an entire section devoted to the sports of the school including multiple pages with pictures. The clubs at the school do not even get mentioned most of the time; clubs such as Women of Science and Stone Soup work actively thoughout the school year to better themselves academically; however, the most that they get is small talk among fellow members or an annual magazine that most of the student body does not even spare a second glance to.

While sports are a pivotal part of the school culture and are popular among its students, even the longest sports season only last roughly three months; however, the clubs of the school are operational all year long and most of them do not get even half of the recognition that those teams receive during those three months. The football team gets a pep rally and a dance in their honor while the clubs, and even the other sports teams, sit at the wayside with little to no recognition other than their customary march out of the gymnastic room. The team that receives the most recognition often has one of the worst records in the school, while other events such as mock trial often do not even get mentioned let alone a pep rally for their efforts.

Obviously neither science fair nor Stone Soup will get the roaring crowd when they present their ideas that the football teams attracts; however, the school can work more actively to ensure that each extracurricular activity receives the credit that its members hard work deserves throughout the school year.