Opinion: One Nation Under A Wamp

by Craig Barry
BHS News

Wamp Nation

You may not be able to locate it on a map, nor is it comprised of finite ethnic groups or cultures, but come to any Braintree High School sporting event and you will find yourself immersed in a nation – Wamp Nation.

Wamp Nation at Saturday's game at UMass Boston (Photo courtesy of ESPN Boston)

Wamp Nation at Saturday’s game at UMass Boston (Photo courtesy of ESPN Boston)

Infamously regarded as one of the best fan sections in the state and often the topic of ESPN Boston or Barstool Sports, it may present itself as a sea of blue and white, or disguised as beach-goers or cowboys, but despite its appearance, you can count on Wamp Nation being loud and supportive towards their athletes. It may be many things – large, rowdy, fervorous- but above all, it is full of pride.

But just what is “Wamp Nation”?

It is students and staff, freshman and seniors, loud and shy, rowdy and classy, but that isn’t even the half of it.

P.J. Morin, an avid member of Wamp Nation, describes it as “more than just a bunch of students making fools of themselves at the court by the field or in the rink. It’s a family, it’s a community, a brotherhood for all to join.” This “family” not only watches sporting events, but becomes apart of them by backing up competitors and providing an atmosphere in which our athletes and thrive.

What sets our fan section apart from others is not just the size, themes, or chirps, but as Headmaster Lee puts it, “Other schools have fans that chant and show up; ours do it with a fervor and sense of belonging to the group that I think most others lack.”

This sense of belonging he speaks of is key to the unity found in Wamp Nation, without entire student body participation and passion the spirit of the crowd would be diminished. Still unsure of what exactly is Wamp Nation is? Come to the next sporting event, you can’t miss us.

Craig Barry is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition