Opinion: If You Are Going to Drive Distracted, Don’t Drive At All

by Kristen Boudreau
BHS News

Distracted driving, it is something that every driver has seen before. The woman putting on her make-up at the red light unaware that it has turned green. The man shaving because he realized he was late for work. The person eating a breakfast sandwich behind the wheel oblivious to their surroundings. The person on the phone talking away and not paying attention. There is one thing that all these people have in common, the loud blaring of horns from behind them if they do not go when that light turns green.

I’m sure you also see this every day, the people who are in so much of a rush to get where they are going that they become a danger to people around them. Those people that time the lights so they can beat you to the turn. The potential collisions that happen all the time because two people are both trying to go the same direction at the same time.

The worst thing that you could possibly encounter on the road is a combination of these two things. A distracted driver in a rush to get where they are going. My drive to school in the morning is about fifteen minutes long and I see this happen almost daily. The place where I see this most often is the dreaded student parking lot.

The student parking lot is complete and utter chaos. For one thing everyone in the parking lot has less than two years of driving experience and to top that off there is only one exit. This is a very dangerous combination. By 2:10 every afternoon, without fail, there is a mad dash to get out of the parking lot. People are flying out of spaces without looking left or right. Every few minutes collisions are so close to happening and the reason for these close calls are that people are distracted and in too much of a rush. Some students are yelling out the windows at each other and not looking at where they are going. Other students are smoking or on the phone while angrily trying to force their way out of the parking lot. Everyone is cutting each other off and all of this is just to get on to Town Street thirty seconds faster than they would if they just waited their turn.

Everyone needs to just take a deep breath and be focused before they turn on their ignition – whether they are in the student parking lot or driving out of their driveway. Spend some time doing something nice on the road instead of cutting people off or beeping at them incessantly. Let someone out of a side street on a busy day. Follow the rules of right of way, even if you are late. Just calm down, put away your phone or other distractions, and drive. If you can’t do that than the answer is simple, just do not drive.