Opinion: End of Senior Year Schedule Stressful and Unfair

by Catherine Conley
BHS News

Senior Prom and Graduation. These two events are universally considered among the greatest landmarks in the life of a graduating high school senior- but could having them both over the span of three days be too much for students and their families?

This year, Braintree High School scheduled Senior Prom on Thursday May 29th, and Graduation at 10 am on Saturday, May 31st. Consider a few things that are problematic about this set up: time and money.

From a financial standpoint, Prom and Graduation are hard on a person’s wallet. Prom dresses, tickets, and incidentals can add up quickly. To have Graduation, an occasion which many choose to celebrate by going out to dinner, or having a party, (possibly with extended family members), only two days after Prom could be hard on families in terms of money. This point is made more pressing when one accounts for the days a parent may have to request off of work to orchestrate the planning of these occasions.

Graduation and Prom are events that require massive preparation. Hair appointments to drive to, prom dresses to pick up, getting corsages, last-minute supplies, and of course, picture taking- getting ready for Prom is a lot of work for almost everyone involved. This includes parents. Many call out of work, or leave work early on the day of Prom to help their children prepare, especially those of female students. This would not be a problem, except to request Saturday, the day of Graduation, off in addition to Thursday could pose a problem for both employees and employers. In addition local businesses that have employed Braintree High students are affected greatly by this challenging scheduling.

Packing this itinerary into one weekend is too much stress not just for parents, but for students as well. With Prom Thursday, a mandatory Graduation rehearsal 9am Friday, and a Graduation ceremony at 10 am Saturday, one cannot help but think the administration is being insensitive to its seniors. Prom is supposed to be a night of fun, one that students patiently wait for all four years of their high school career. They should be free to enjoy it without the threat of a mandatory early rehearsal looming over their heads. Top that off with a 10 am Graduation on Saturday and you may be seeing this year’s graduating seniors asleep in the school lobby during the All Night Grad party! There should be time for seniors to enjoy their high school accomplishments- to process the huge life steps they are undertaking! They should not treat have to them like something to “power through.”

Many former high school students say that senior year goes by in a flash, but with this schedule senior’s last moments of high school will truly be reduced to a mere blur of events.