Life in the Learning Center

by Chad Strozewski
BHS News

Recently moving into the learning center has been nothing but a huge help academically as well as mentally. Being in the learning center with Mr. Duffy has taken so much weight off my shoulders and has been a huge stress reliever. Being able to come in to this class twice a day and eliminate any homework that is given to me is beyond helpful, and my grades show it. Every day I come in to learning center Mr. Duffy always says, “What are you working on?” or “What do you have to do today?” and he always makes me get to work when I’m slacking which is sometimes obnoxious but it is more than beneficial in the long run.

The difference between your average study hall and learning center is that you always have a teacher there to help you; as to a study hall you’re there working on your own with little to no help. Any questions on homework, classwork or even a project they’re there. You’re also in a secluded, quiet room to do your work with no distractions as to a study hall you have students talking to your right and left leaving you with no concentration. Every single teacher in the learning center is willing and capable to help you with most if not everything that you’re working on. Depending on what your electives are you have the learning center most days of the week.

As well as being able to do homework in the learning center you can take tests there too. When assigned a test in class you can ask if you are allowed to go to the learning center to take it and you are allowed to no matter what. When you get down to the learning center you sit in an isolated quiet spot where you can be assisted by a teacher for help on the test if need be. You are also granted a calculator on any math exam if necessary; which is very important for big equations and tricky math problems. When finished with the test all you do is put it in a big manila envelope and put it in your teacher’s mailbox as you wait for the next class to begin.

Another advantage of being in the learning center is having computers to use for research whenever needed. Whether you’re working on homework, doing a project or working on a research paper you always have resources of the internet at your fingertips. It is such an advantage to be able to walk over to a computer and research homework without having to get a pass to the library and walk there. Most of the time there is not enough space in the library for more than four students from each study hall; and if you do get to the library there is rarely any computers open for use.

In conclusion, the learning center along with all of the teachers in it are great help to
making me along with all the other learning center students succeed with our education.