From Me To You: Advice For Freshmen From A Senior

by Andrew J. Scarlata
Class of 2015

A lot will happen during your four years in high school. You’ll gain friends, and lose some. You’ll find yourself, and make mistakes while doing it. From an experienced senior, here is some advice to help guide you through the next four years.

Respect the Administration
The better relationships you develop with these people, the better your high school experience will be. At some point you will encounter your housemaster. It is extremely important to build positive relationships with him/her. If you leave a positive lasting impression, you won’t regret it. Without the help of Mr. Delery, my high school career could have been much worse. Developing negative relations with your housemaster will do nothing but hurt you. Don’t be defiant, be respectful and follow their rules.

Develop Good Work Ethic
Teachers talk to each other. Be polite, and take care of business. Make up assignments in a timely manner, and build relationships with your teachers. At some point, you’re going to need letters of recommendation for college. Ask questions. It shows that you care about your academics. Also, don’t be afraid to approach your teachers after class or after school. Teachers will often dedicate themselves to your success, so show respect and have good work ethic.

Be Sociable
Your friends will change A LOT throughout high school, so make new ones and put yourself out there. If your friend group is developing bad habits, it is good to have other friends to talk to and bond with. Most importantly, be independent. When high school is over, you will be on your own-in college you will be forced to make new friends if you want to have any, so work on those skills now.

Don’t Be Reckless
Your decisions may come back to haunt you. Always think before you act, and be conscious of how your actions will affect other people. Although BHS is a prestigious high school, it is still a public school. All walks of life enter those doors, so accept diversity and be respectful. Also, be careful who you trust with information you don’t want people to know about. People that seem trustworthy may stab you in the back for attention. There are some crazy people in high school- not everyone is necessarily reasonable. In high school, I learned that people will talk. Hundreds of kids are in your graduating class, and some strive for attention. Don’t take it personally. People try to shield their own faults by gossiping or talking badly about others. The best thing to do is to NOT give them what they want- attention.

Your future depends on how you do in high school. Transcripts are the first thing that colleges look at during the admissions process. An enjoyable high school career can be defined in many ways, but to me, it is a balance. These are years to enjoy, but they are also crucial.