The Taster: Taco Bell Breakfast Review

by The Taster
BHS News

To those of you who are food snobs or what some call “living a healthy lifestyle,” I encourage you to read this, leave the Whole Foods you’re at, hop in your Nissan Leaf, and embrace the philosophy of moderation…in moderation.

Have you ever heard of the inventor, businessman, virtuoso Mr. Glenn Bell? No, he is not the hydrofoil, telephonic, aeronautic genius who passed away in the early twentieth century; Glenn Bell was the mastermind and founder of Taco Bell. Throughout the world Taco Bell has its enthusiastic followers, who visit the establishment for a taste of a Crunchwrap Supreme, a quesadilla with Mt. Dew Baja Blast (a Taco Bell exclusive), or my personal recommendation a Cheesy Gordita Crunch. With a menu filled with fresh, delicious, uncertain ingredients I personally have ‘lived mas’ over and over again, but we as loyal followers were deprived of one meal that Taco Bell had not offered….until now.

For years I would wake up and drive to work or school, craving a Mexican breakfast, and would have only one option to quench my hunger: the Sausage Burrito from McDonald’s. Myself, a fast food officionado, would never ever shame or show disrespect to an establishment who has given me such joy. My whole like I have had nothing but memorable experiences from McDonald’s, between the Ball Pit at the Weymouth PlayPlace to the countless fries and burgers I have eaten just because I needed the elusive “Park Place” on my Monopoly board to win a cool million, and the first time I found out you can add the legenadry Big Mac sauce to any sandwich on the menu (for free!), MacDonad’s will always hold a special place in my heart. But for the longest time, I was subjected to a lesser version of what I thought was my only option for a little taste of Mexico in the morning; but on March 27, 2014, a day that will live in infamy, my world changed forever.

March 27th is the day that Taco Bell branched out, challenged the Goliath’s of Breakfast, McDonald’s/Wendy’s/BK, and with the strength of David will forever leave it’s mark. I waited until March 30th, my day of Birth, to initiate myself into the TB Breakfast Club, and break the chains that the Big Three of fast food breakfast which had shackled me for so long. And this is my take, on the next generation of collaborative cuisine, or culinary madness, and Taco Bell’s attempt of living mas.

Breakfast Crunchwrap

Bacon A.M. Crunchwrap- 9.5 out of 10
This is arguable Taco Bell’s go-to breakfast item. Popular as a “4th meal” candidate, a few changes of ingredients and this is one of the best first-meal food’s I have ever tasted. A mix of crunchy, salty, cheesy fulfilling meal, which is easy to eat conveniently on-the-go. Only drawback would be I wish there was a sauce inside, or at least as an option.

Waffle Taco-9.5 out of 10

Waffle Taco

Do you like tacos? Do you like waffles? Well get ready to have your mind blown when you eat this. A filling, yet light and airy waffle cuddles a nicely grilled sausage patty, which hugs a good amount of scrambled eggs and cheese. I would suggest drizzling some Taco Bell maple syrup on top, for the sweet, salty effect. My only complaint would be that the presentation was not exactly what it looked like on the picture, but this can be easily fixed once you quickly stuff your face with the delicious creation. This is the breakfast equivalent of Lobster Mac N Chesse, Arnold Palmer drinks, and when the Ninja Turtles appeared in the Power Rangers episode….you can never have too much of a good thing, and that’s exactly what this Waffle Taco epitomizes.

Hashbrown and Coffee – 8 out of 10
Similar to McDonald’s, with a hint of the ones you find in the freezer, the hash-browns were about par. I would suggest that those who have the option with the combos, to try the Cinnabon Delights. The coffee, made from 100% Arabica beans, was up there with Dunkin Donutss and McDonalds.

Overall: Taco Bell Breakfast= 9/10 Score…Taster Approved

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