The Taster: Frito Enchilada Melt from Subway

by The Taster
BHS News

Every decent, self-respecting town has a great local sub shop. Some towns, such as Braintree, have a copious amount of sub shops, each presenting their own strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand there is Subway,the corporate bigwig trying to impose their shadow of clout on to the local town momN’pop sub shops. Subway has come out with various marketing and culinary ideas, and just like the local sub shops, have had their own strengths and weaknesses. The 5-dollar-footlong was a genius campaign that brought subway to the limelight. Their exploration into pizza, or as they call it, “flatizza” will create its own story which only time will tell. Today, the Tasters’ review is for the mish-mash of a sub known as the Frito Enchilada Melt.

Subway Enchillada

Experience: 6/10
As I went to order this culinary collaboration I realized that not a poster, a sign, a promotion, not a glimpse of it was anywhere to be found in the establishment. I had seen it countless times in commercials endorsed by the awkward Michael Phelps character who is still milking his Olympic heroics for all it’s worth. But today, there is not even a Fritos logo anywhere to be seen. When I ordered it, the sub engineer had to find his manager and ask if they had it.

Not off to a great start.

As I went down the line, it was quick and concise, but at the register, this limited edition sub was apparently very limited, and it wasn’t even in the computer. He had to ring it up as a steak and cheese, and the foot long rang in at whopping $8.00, which didn’t even include a drink or chips. For that much, I could have gotten what I think it the best sub in the town, and maybe Massachusetts, the Buffalo Chicken Sub from Rosie’s. Overall, the Subway experience was as expected from any chain: unmotivated but polite staff who could really care less if the product they served was any good.

Taste- 4/10
Subway’s slogan is “Eat Fresh.” The only thing fresh about this whole experience was the cashier’s Jordan’s that he had on his feet. The crunch that the Fritos added to the soft mushy enchilada chicken was nice the first bite, but after that the Fritos became a soggy mess and every bite became redundant and boring. The mushy enchilada chicken was poorly spiced and very bland. The overall taste was unsatisfactory and did not leave me wanting more, but in fact the opposite. The best thing about this sub was the complimentary mint that came with it.

Overall – 5/10 – NOT TASTER APPROVED
Between the mushy unflavored chicken and the soggy Fritos, I give some applaud to Subway for attempting this, but the end result was an unsatisfying, over priced mess of a sub that left me hungry and broke. When there are options like a Rosie’s, Double G’s, and Riccardi’s , this sub from Subway was the definition of large chain, over priced, mediocrity.

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