Editorial: Derailing the Trump Train

by Jessie Tenaglia
Class of 2016

The basis of Donald Trump’s campaign poses a great threat to our democracy. His entire campaign has set the stage for Americans to support things that are undemocratic in nature as he makes baseless racist, misogynistic, and bigoted comments pertaining to current issues. He has belittled women as he called Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig”, and has made various other comments to women regarding their physical appearance.

Trump has targeted the uneducated, manipulating them into believing that many of the problems they may face such as poverty, unemployment, and terrorist attacks are all because of foreigners, Mexicans specifically, and muslims. He has managed to marginalize the Muslim people by saying that they should all be banned, because they are all “terrorists”. To make such a flawed generalization is an indicator of his inability to truly represent the American people. If Trump were to become president, how could he represent Muslim Americans in a democratic way?

Trump has also ignorantly attacked the Mexican people when discussing the need for immigration reform, calling them rapists, thieves, and criminals. It is for these reasons that he proclaimed, as President, he would build a wall. Besides the clear ethical issues that arise when hearing such a proposal, is the fact that such a wall is not feasible economically. This is one of the only “policies” Trump has shared, but this policy has more holes than swiss cheese. As to who is going to pay for the wall Trump has only offered the answer that Mexico is going to pay for it, but the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, has already responded to Trump on a CNN interview saying, “I’m not going to pay for that [expletive] wall!” So, the actual financing of the wall and where exactly the money is coming from to build the wall is unknown. In addition to this is Trump is neglecting to recognize the exact cost of the wall along with the maintenance and manpower that would be needed to maintain the wall as well. This is just one example of how Trump has yet to offer any realistic approaches to finding solutions to a world in crisis.

It is for these reasons that I believe Donald Trump has made a mockery of the governmental process of running for president of the United States.

Jessie Tenaglia is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition