An Ode to Braintree

by Katelyn Merrigan
BHS News

When this weekend or long awaited summer rolls around, take a minute before pulling out the typical teenage complaints which are usually phrased as “I’m bored” or “there’s nothing to do.” When you feel these words start to roll off your tongue, just think about how lucky you are to live in Braintree, a town – or shall I say city – where there is definitely something to do. Stop making excuses and take a moment to look around you. Braintree is a great place to live so let me just remind you why.


Let’s start with the amenities. First off, as we all know, there’s the mall, a great attraction that draws in crowds from all different towns and neighborhoods. People come far and wide to shop and dine at this social hub, and it happens to be in our town. By adding its rather new wing which includes a Nordstroms a two story Forever 21, and several other popular stores, the South Shore Plaza has reinvented itself.

Say you choose not to spend your time shopping? How about the movies? Having a movie theater right across from the mall has always been a benefit taken for granted but now when you go to a movie, it’s can be for the overall experience rather than the film itself. What do I mean by experience? I mean the plush recliners that allow you to feel like you are floating on cotton candy, compared to the old upright springy chairs that served only as a seat, rather than means of relaxation. Also, how easy is it now to just go online and buy tickets even getting to choose the exact seat you want to sit in compared to waiting in long lines in the drafty front lobby and unfortunately having to sit in the only undesired seats.

The people of Braintree will never go hungry with the numerous dining options located all throughout the town. Whether it’s Italian, Chinese, Spanish or American, we’ve got it. Next time you or your family feels like dining out, maybe try somewhere new that doesn’t require a long drive away. You may make a new cuisine discovery that you have been overlooking for years. May I also add that we happen to be the proud home of eleven Dunkin Donuts? For all those coffee lovers, how much more convenient can it get?

Aside from all of Braintree’s somewhat costly amenities, there are plenty of other things to do that involve no money whatsoever. Have you ever thought of taking in nature? You could go for a pleasant walk or bike ride through Pond Meadow Park or bring the children to one of its seasonal events like the wreath sale in winter or a hayride in the fall. Off of Granite St in Braintree you can enter the Blue Hills which is another perfect place to exercise or just to spend some quality time outdoors. Other than hiking, Blue hills also offers winter skiing and a small zoo opened throughout the summer. Let’s not forget about Sunset Lake, a great summer hangout to go fishing, swimming, or to relax and take in the sun after a long day.

Although just about anything you would want to do is right here, Braintree is not remote or isolated.
Braintree is an ideal town in an ideal location. Part of the greater Boston area, we have easy access to the city of Boston by way of the Route 3 expressway, the same route that can lead us within about an hour to Cape Cod, a frequent summer destination.

Braintree residents, we are so fortunate to live in a place that has the amenities of a city but the suburban neighborhoods, the small community of the town that it is. Everything we could possibly want to do is at the tips of our fingers.

There’s no place like home and our home is Braintree, let’s take pride it that.

Katelyn Merrigan is a student in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition