Wild Animorphs at South Shore Art Center

by Jessica Tran
BHS News

For this year’s 59th annual South Shore Arts Festival, eighteen students from high schools, including four students from Braintree High, collaborated on a series of four sculptures. Nominated by their art teachers, students from the surrounding the area have worked together for six weeks to build “animorphs” – a combination of three animals picked at random. With cardboard, glue guns, tape, and creativity these students brought imagination to life.

The art festival, which is an annual event at the SSAC, is taking place this weekend on June 13-15.

On display and created by the students are four very different animorphs. There is the “Cheellamalo” (cheetah, llama and buffalo), “Mamooffe” (woolly mammoth, giraffe and moose). The “Hippormel” (hippo, camel and orangutan), and last but not least the “Hippozecheeta” (rhino, zebra, and mountain lion).

Sounds a little insane, right? I mean how can you combine a skinny cheetah and a massive buffalo? Well, being one of the students who was nominated and participated in it, I can guarantee you that these will surprise you.

In February when we all first met, we were divided into groups of 4 and began the animorphs’ design by sketching what we believed we thought they would look like. Slowly as ideas poured out they began to take life.

As we began the physical construction it proved to be a unique task to say the least. I don’t believe that any of us have worked with cardboard until then. For the next few weeks we cut, glued, and taped cardboard until they were done. To make them structurally sound and visually interesting was more work than predicted.

The size of the animorphs was a challenge itself. Getting my group’s Mamooffe out of the second floor door was an issue. We even considered a pulley system out of the balcony until we realized it wouldn’t fit through any of the doors. With a new perspective, it was built in pieces it all worked out.

At installation day it all became worth it. Seeing the finished product left us all in awe at how amazing they were. From the Cheellamalo’s llama fur out of small shreds individually glued, to the little details on the Hippozecheeta mouth it is all quite a sight to see.

Come by the South Shore Art Center on 119 Ripley Rd, Cohasset, MA 02025 and see them before they go extinct on July 15, 2014! All are welcome and it is free!