Were The Two Days Before Winter Break Worth It?

by Jessica Tran
Class of 2016

As winter break approached we could not wait for the chance to sleep in until noon, watch Netflix, or just hang out with friends, but when was break?

Braintree Public Schools’ winter break began on December 24.

A day before Christmas. We had to come in on Monday and Tuesday.

Braintree, did you really making the students and faculty have the weekend off, come back for two days, and go for one and a half weeks? Seems futile.

First off, what do we gain from having these two days?
1. More time to study since tests will most likely be Monday.
2. Summer begins two days earlier.

That list is pretty short if you ask me.

Two days was unnecessary. It might have been slightly useful for a review or “fun” activity, but I guarantee this will not gain anything compared to a full and normal class period. That last day is most often used for wrapping up lessons or doing “fun” games. Wrapping up lessons is productive, but “fun” activities are not. I mean sometimes they truly are fun but when they are not, the activity is ultimately busy work.

Some teachers had a test on that December 22. They always put tests right before break so the material will be fresher in our mines; however, by allowing those two days it is almost forcing them to make the test on Monday. They want to give us ample review time with the weekend so that’s great, right? Not really.

Most students are taking four to five major classes and that means that those classes have tests which are more likely to take place on Monday. Ask any student; we do not like to have multiple tests in one day. It causes us to stress out, to study frantically in-between classes and lunch, and to get more and more anxious throughout the day. If we are worrying about the next test, then how could we focus on the one we are taking? It is just stressful.

Think about those who flew out to see family out of state for the holidays. With Christmas on a Thursday then obviously they wanted to fly out early in case of snow delays and early enough before the Christmas time rush, but no they cannot because school ends on Tuesday afternoon, so they have to risk the time and hope that there are no delays.

Now yes, some students skipped and just went on their vacations with their family. Kudos to them for enjoying their time this holiday season! Others, like myself, were envious of their freedom.

I understand that at this point there is not anything we can do about it. Students will still have to come to school for two days no matter how much we detest it, but Braintree Public Schools can you do us a favor next time?

Maybe try to be sympathetic to students next year? It is the holiday season after all.