Wampapalooza Thursday Night

by Joe Walsh
BHS News


Braintree High School’s wealth of musical talent will gather tomorrow night in the biannual Wampapalooza. The evening will be a mixture of band performances and acoustic acts. Acoustic performers include, John Forbes, Alex Imanicki, Jess Fruth, “Deanna & Jess,” “Morgan, James, Koko, & Logan,” “Jimmy & John,” “Rama,” Olivia, and Deanna. In addition to the acoustic performances, six bands will be performing. Bands include, “Jump Start,” “Niall & James Funtime Bonanza,” “BHS Soul Co.,” “We Don’t Know Yet,” “Dougie Sunshine,” and “TBD.”

Event coordinator Mr. Dwayne Dahlbeck says he enjoys Wampapalooza because, “a lot of people participate who don’t participate in anything else in the high school and it’s their time to shine on the stage. I am always surprised by the amount of talent that exists in this building.”

Wampapalooza was created a few years ago when Arts Night and Battle of the Bands were combined in order to increase interest in both events. Arts night was an acoustically centered event, while Battle of the Bands focused more on heavy rock music. Dahlbeck feels that the combination of the two events has produced a “well rounded evening of music for everybody.”

The event starts at 7pm, the cost to get in is $5 and tickets will be sold at the door.