Top Five: Things To Do Over April Vacation

by Yannis Lam
BHS News

The fifth in our Top Five series. Founding member Yannis Lam complies five things to fight boredom over April vacation.

5. Look for a Valuable Coin
With the relatively few changes in U.S. coin designs over the past several decades, many valuable coins may be hiding right within your piggy bank or wallet. Some coins ranging from the pre-1964 Half Dollars, to the Mint Error Presidential Dollars to the 1969-S Lincoln Cent, can be worth $20 to $35,000. These hidden gems of the U.S. Mint may be camouflaged with the coins that you circulate everyday. Although you will need a lot of luck, and you will have a high chance of ending up on a vain wild-goose-chase for such coins, the scavenger hunt may be worth it. See for more details.

4. Save the Planet
Save the Planet
On April 22nd, it will be Earth Day. As we know it “Slash the Trash”, help save our planet by going through and making sure that all your recyclables are placed in the recycle bins. Also, if you have time, consider planting a tree or starting a vegetable garden. This series of actions will yield a fruitful future for both you and the planet.

3. Visit/Call Your Grandparents

This vacation is a perfect time for you to visit or call your grandparents. Show your elderly ancestors that you love them and are thankful for what they have done for you during your life. What better time to go and spend a couple of hours talking with your elders and listen to them share with your their childhood memories or stories of when your aunts/uncles misbehaved?

2. Build, Build, BUILD! (Or FIX!)
When frustrated with boredom, your creative potential is stuck within the realms of your mind. By making anything, ranging from a craft to a complete robot, you will turn that potential energy and complete a productive task. Additionally, if you have been promising to fix a broken cabinet, clock, or something else; now is the time to do it! If you have no ideas on what to make, read BuzzFeed’s article first to become inspired. (Warning, some DIY projects may be harder to accomplish than they appear)

1. Go to the Boston Marathon
This year, will be one of the greatest marathons in Boston history. One city, united under a tragedy a year ago, will come out and support the Marathon to show pride, patriotism, and communal strength. Not only will several million people be lining the streets of Boston to witness such a historic event, several Bostonians have high probable chances of winning the contest. Shalane Flanagan, a Marblehead native, as featured in CBS’s 60 Minutes, is likely to win the women’s race. We are indeed, BOSTON STRONG. With the whole world watching, the world’s oldest running marathon may just be the highlight of your vacation.

Personally, I wrote this article because I felt very bored.