Top Five: Lacrosse Helmets

by Chad Strozewski
BHS News

The next installment of our continuing series, Chad Strozewski ’15 lists his top five lacrosse helmets.

5. Cascade Cs


This helmet is strictly for beginners and the newer players with less experience. Not for use in more advance level of play. It cannot take as good of a beating as the other helmets on this list.






4. Cascade Cpv


This is a great helmet for beginners and players at the lower level. It has nothing to adjust the size and fit of the helmet as well.






3. Cascade CpxR


This is another nice custom helmet for advanced players. This helmet is also concussion resistant because of the foam technology inside. Like the Cascade R, you can customize the fit of this helmet from the back as well.






2. Cascade Pro 7


This helmet is for the players with smaller or narrower heads. It has two pieces near the players temple of the head where you can customize the fit as well.







1. Cascade R


Number one goes to the Cascade R for the most durability and style. This helmet is the latest on the market. It has an adjustable back so you can adjust the fit and feel of your own Cascade R.