Tickets for One Act Plays Now Available


Tickets for Braintree High School Theatre Guild’s Night of One Act plays went on sale this morning. There will be three performances: Friday, March 13 at 7pm and Saturday March 18 at 2pm and 8pm.

Theatre Guild has greatly reduced the price of tickets from previous years in an attempt to increase student attendance, and to offer some relief from residents who have been confined to their houses due to the snow.

This year’s performance will feature four shows. That’s Not How I Remember It directed by Mr. Dahlbeck and Mr. Grigas tells the story of how a mother and father met in the 1980’s. Just Like Us is an original play by senior Tom McArdle and Sean Doherty about coping with life, death, family, friends, and what happens after high school. Meet the Roommates, directed by Deanna Doherty (2015) with Ms. Stonebraker shows what happens when the college roommate selection process goes horribly and humorously wrong. And, finally, The Actor, directed by BHSTG alum Michael Lacey deals with a young man struggling with the decision to pursue his passion for acting. The Actor was recently performed at Duxbury High School as part of the METG Festival, and Jack Hennessey and Mike Gillis both received recognition for their roles.

Tickets, which are $6 for the evening shows and $4 for the matinee, are on sale online at Additional tickets will be available at the door prior to the performance, or by contacting Mr. Dahlbeck at