Theatre Guild to Hold Auditions for One Acts


By Grant Brugger
BHS News

This Thursday, auditions for the Theatre Guild’s one-act plays will be held after school in the auditorium. Students who wish to be in one of the one-acts will be asked to read lines from a script, and the respective directors of each of the four plays will look for qualities they like in the actors.

This year there is a mix of staff directors and student directors. Senior student John O’Connell will be in charge of the production of a play called ‘AP Theatre’. Another senior, Nick D’Amico, is directing ‘Balcony Scene’, a short play about a man attending his own funeral.

Mr. Grigas will be directing a play that he wrote himself, entitled ‘Befriended’; this original story is about a man living with a zombie roommate. Mr. Dahlbeck is going to be organizing a performance of Ethan Coen’s ‘Waiting’, a story of a man who slowly comes to realize that the waiting room he’s sitting in is a bit more paranormal than he expected.

In March, the Theatre Guild will compete in the METG (Massachusetts Education Theatre Guild), but as of right now there is no final decision as to which of the four plays will be chosen to be presented at the METG.
According to Mr. Dahlbeck, all those involved in Theatre Guild are, “excited for the mix of student and staff directors this year.”

Any student who wants to audition for a part in the one-acts can sign up on the board outside the auditorium. Those who want to join the tech crew are encouraged to show up as well, although it isn’t totally necessary. Taking part in the one-acts is a fun way to meet new people, represent your school, and have a great time the whole way through.