Theatre Guild Audition Draws Large Crowd

BHSTGby Grant Brugger
BHS News

Last Thursday, dozens of eager students showed up to audition for parts in the Theatre Guild’s One-Act plays. The atmosphere in the lobby outside the auditorium was loud and noisy as fifty two talented BHS students waited for their turn to perform in front of the four directors and prove that they have what it takes to act in a Theatre Guild play.

The audition process lasted from about 2:20 to 5:45. Students chose one of four scenes they could perform, two monologues and two multi-person dialogues. The fifty two hopefuls were divided into two shifts. As each shift began their turn, students were asked to fill out a yellow sheet to provide everything from their previous acting experiences to any talents they may have, however irrelevant to theatre they may be.

As the first shift began to filter in, director John O’Connell helped people fill in their yellow forms while fellow director Mr. Dahlbeck joking told people they’d been cut from the play before they’d even sat down. The students and directors shared a laugh as they all realized that three of the plays (Balcony Scene, Waiting, and Befriended) were about characters that had already died and only one (AP Theatre) actually featured a main character who wasn’t undead.

The auditions themselves went smoothly. A wide range of theatrical talent was displayed by BHS students; some auditions were dramatic, some were hilarious, and some were a mix of the two. When the process was through, directors Mr. Dahlbeck, Mr. Grigas, Nick D’Amico, and John O’Connell convened and discussed who they wanted cast for parts in their plays. Their decisions are posted on the callboard outside the auditorium.

The Theatre Guild will be working on the One Acts until their premiere on March 6. There will be showings of the plays in BHS’s Grabosky Auditorium on March 6, March 7, and March 8. On March 1st, in a location that has yet to be determined, one of the performances will compete in the METG Festival.